The employee app of teamkit, your new favorite colleague

Home office or business trips are simply a part of today’s working world. Your job is flexible, and so are your tools. teamkit’s employee app is always there for you. Above all, it’s easy to use, just like any other smartphone app.

hotelkit Multi Device Solution App

Secure your data

WhatsApp, Telegram and Co – some messenger services are making their way into the working world. However, professional communication via those channels is neither welcome by the providers, nor the companies. Such tools hardly comply with a company’s security regulations.

With the employee app of teamkit this is not the case, because there your data is safe. What happens in teamkit, stays in teamkit. Sensitive information will never be carried outside and the security of your data is our top priority. Furthermore, teamkit is fully in accordance with the GDPR.

Back then

The challenge of communication

Naturally, field staff is seldomly working in the office. A close exchange with the office colleagues is essential though. Unfortunately, communication does not always work so smoothly. Checking a small detail can quickly become a nightmare because of busy telephone lines, a forgotten notebook and on top of that a mandatory Windows update.

hotelkit Paperless Housekeeping

Stop searching.

All your professional contacts are stored in your mobile phone, all the adresses are in your notepad and the latest working orders are within your mail program? Let’s not even think about handwritten notes and what happens in case someone has to cover for you. Keeping track can get quite difficult, but we know what to do.


Collaboration made easy

Reading through important information before an external appointment or sending a quick work order to your colleagues after a successful meeting right before driving on? No problem, with the employee app of teamkit. You are always connected with your team and can share all information – no matter where, no matter when.

hotelkit Connected Teamwork

We have the solution.

teamkit let’s you stay on top of things. No matter if on your computer, tablet or smartphone, with teamkit you have access to your infos from anywhere and via any device. You use an iPhone, but have a Lenovo laptop? No problem, teamkit runs perfectly on all devices and makes both Apple junkies and Android lovers happy.

Teamwork made easy – anytime, anywhere

Get our mobile app for your smartphone or tablet today. Free of charge in the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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